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Nairobi University arts Students Association (NUARSA)



Nairobi university arts students association is the largest body of student organization within the faculty of arts of the University of Nairobi. It is a professional body whose major objective is to bridge the academic staff the civil service, the corporate world and the faculty of Arts students.

With such a mandate and such a huge number of clients of over 3000 students, NUARSA is by default a very prominent student organization. We date back to the year 2005, when this student organization was founded and the first officials elected. Since then, NUARSA has been involved in steering the articulation of   academic, social and professional concerns of the students within the faculty, apart from representing the university in corporate social responsibility activities. In so doing, NUARSA has gained popularity among both the students, the administration and the corporates.  

 In line with our main objective, the following are our other objectives:

  1.  Promoting academic interest of the faculty of arts students.
  2. Creating links between the Faculty of Arts students within the university and other academic  institutions
  3. Enhancing involvement of the arts students in the research programs organized by the members of the academic staff.
  4. Organizing workshops and other academic gatherings including public  lectures
  5. Promoting and organizing extra-curricular activities to facilitate free interaction and exploitation of talents among Arts students.
  6. Promotes inter-cultural exchanges to understand and appreciate other people’s way of life
  7. To collaborate with other organizations whose objectives and aims are kin in helping them disseminate information on social problems to Arts students.
  8.  Collaboration with other professional bodies within and outside the university in their endeavors to finding solutions to social problems such as HIV/AIDs poverty and environmental degradation among others.



Nairobi University Arts Students (NUARSA) Constitution 2005

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