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Name: Jude Thaddeus Otieno.

Registration Number: C01/0514/2011

Major: B.A. Political Science and Sociology.             


I am truly humbled and grateful to lead this incredibly talented and dedicated team of NUARSA. I remain thankful to the students of the faculty of arts who overwhelmingly voted me in to represent them in the position of chair. It is my belief that in collaboration with this team we will make an impact by generating original ingenious ideas that will ensure proper and effective utilization of available resources thereby benefiting the entire faculty of arts fraternity.

I look forward to maintaining a good relationship with the administration and increase partnerships with the corporate world. It is my ambition that during my tenure, the faculty of arts will flourish and the students will benefit accordingly.

Thank you all.

Secretary General

Name: Amanela N. Suleiman.

Registration number: C01/0160/2011

Major: B.A. Economics and Sociology.



Salute to all. I am humbled to having been elected as the new Secretary General of NUARSA. My vision for this student body is overwhelming. I see a faculty where students get easy access to internship, professional training and corporate linkages. I am totally indebted to all the Faculty of Arts students who overwhelmingly voted me in. I am looking forward to working hand in hand with the administration, other student bodies within and outside the faculty and other NUARSA officials. Together, I believe we will achieve a better faculty and a more vibrant NUARSA.

Thank you.


Name: Linnet Ngina.

Registration number: C01/0770/2011

Major: B.A Economics and Sociology.


The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong, together we can make the Faculty of Arts a better place for all comrades.

OOrganizing Secretary

Name: Billy Ochieng’

Registration Number: C01/0492/2011

Major: B. A Communications and Literature.


Greetings, I am humbled and honored to hold the office of the organizing secretary in NUARSA. Having been elected unanimously by the FoA students. My campaign tagline was, revitalizing student leadership. In these three words, my vision is embedded. I am determined to revive credible and accountable student leadership through NUARSA. I envision a faculty where students will have corporates and professional training and advice right at their doorstep. With the auspice of the administration, other NUARSA officials and student bodies, I believe we will achieve this vision and make this student body robust and fruitful for the benefit of all.

Thank you.           



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